About Title 24*

Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, known as the California  Building Standards Code or just "Title 24," contains the regulations  that govern the construction of buildings in California.  Tierra works with residential and commercial property owners, developers, and contractors to comply with Part 6, California Energy Code, and Part 11, California Green Building Standards Code.  

*Tierra  stays current on issues related to Title 24 parts 6 and 11, however the code is complex and changes periodically. We encourage you to  explore more about the Title 24 at the  Division of the State Architect at this link, or at the California Energy Commission's main Title 24 page at this link

Tierra's Title 24 Compliance Process

1. Understand Your Needs


The process begins by discussing with us what you need for your project. Call us at 925-954-7363 or click here to describe your project. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your needs and discuss how we can help.

2. Agree To Our Services


After understanding your project, we'll provide you with a cost estimate  and contract that includes our terms and conditions.   A copy of our standard contract for services is available for download at the link below under 'Downloads and Data'.   

3. Upload Your Documents


Once have an agreement on the scope of our services, we'll request documents and data so we can start out work. Your project manager may request documents via email or a secure data portal dedicated to your project  (see instructions below**)

4. Review Results


We'll do our analysis and review with you to make any adjustments prior to providing you with your final documents.  

5. Submit Final Documents


After we're all done we'll electronically transmit your final compliance files to you.  You submit these with your building permit.


Discounts availaible for combining Title 24 and local ordinace compliance projects. Conditions apply, let's discuss.

Request a Quote

Tierra offers competitive prices on AB 802 benchmarking. Please tell us a little about your project and we'll contact you to discuss what we can offer and pricing. 

Request a Quote

**Send Your Project Files

 Send all files to services@tierrarc.com

Note that for all Title 24 Energy Code (part 6) filings we need the following: 

  • Scaled floor plan(s) 
  • Plan(s) should show the building orientation (north arrow) 
  • Building elevations Window and door schedules 
  • Sections or details showing the wall, floor and roof construction 
  • Information on the heating and cooling equipment (number of units,  mfg., model numbers, sizes, capacities, electrical information, etc.) 
  • If your project includes the addition of a boiler or water heater, we’ll need information about size and heating inputs 

When sending files via email be sure to include your last name and project address in the subject line.    If we've set up a online portal your porject manger will provide you with login and password information 

Payments and Payment Policy

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Payment Policy

Unless specified otherwise in your service contract, Tierra accepts credit and debit card payment through PayPal.  PayPal currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 

Please note that you do not have to have a PayPal account, nor do you have to create one, to use this service. ​ After you click 'Buy Now' above you'll be directed to the PayPal website where you simply enter the  amount to be paid and hit 'Continue' button.  The next screen will give you the option to Pay with Debit or Credit Card.

Thank you for working with Tierra!