About ARB Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions*

The Regulation for the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (reporting regulation or MRR) requires the independent verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data reports.   The reporting regulation was developed under the California Global  Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Statutes of 2006; Chapter 488; Health and  Safety Code sections 38500 et seq.) and approved by the California Air  Resources Board (ARB or Board) in December 2007, with subsequent  amendments in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  The 2014 MRR revisions became  effective on January 1, 2015.  The requirements for independent  verification of emissions data reports and ARB oversight of  accreditation were included in the original regulation and are  consistent with international best practices.  The MRR is codified in  Subchapter 10, Article 2, sections 95100 to 95158, title 17, California  Code of Regulations. 

*Tierra is an ARB Accredited Certification Body and stays current on issues related to ARB green house gas (GHG) verification and reporting topics, but we encourage you to explore more about the verification and reporting requirements.  You can find many details and useful links at the web portal maintained by the ARB at this link.

Tierra's ARB Verfication and Reporting Process

1. Understand Your Needs


The process begins by discussing with us what you need for your project. Call us at 925-954-7363 or click here to describe your ARB verification and reporting needs. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your needs and discuss how we can help.

2. Agree To Our Services


ARB verification and reporting services are competitively priced based on the work required by Tierra staff.  After understanding your needs, we'll provide you with a cost estimate  and contract that includes our terms and conditions.  A copy of our standard contract for services is available for download at the link below under 'Downloads and Data'.   

3. Upload Your Documents


Once have an agreement on the scope of our services, we'll request documents and data so we can start out work.  Your project manager may request documents via email or a secure data portal dedicated to your project (see instructions below**).

4. Complete a Site Visit


We'll arrange a site visit at a time that's convenient for you.  The length of our visit, and any staff support we'll need from you while we're on site, will be discussed prior to our visit.

5. Review Results


We'll do our verification analysis and complete a draft report and review with the results with you.  We'll discuss any necessary revisions and will then provide you with your final documents in the ARB required format.  

6. Submit Final Reports


After we're all done we'll electronically transmit your final ARB reporting files to you.  Tierra will submit these files to the ARB and keep you informed on the process.

Request a Quote

Tierra offers competitive prices on ARB GHG reporting. Please tell us a little about your project and we'll contact you to discuss what we can offer and pricing. 

Request a Quote

**Sending us your project files

  • During the project, we'll provide you with a list of all the information needed for ARB verification and reporting documents.  All project files can be sent to us at services@tierrarc.com.
  • When sending files via email be sure to include the word 'ARB' and project address in the subject line.    
  • All ARB verification and reporting projects require a secure document site.  Your project manager will set this up and provide you with a link and login information.

Payments and Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Tierra will provide you with an invoice upon completion of our ARB verification and reporting services. The terms and methods of payment are specified on your service contract with Tierra.

Thank you for working with Tierra!